David Dorward, Web Developer

I am a web developer with experience in building both the back-end and front-end aspects of systems. Projects I have worked on include traditional web sites, one page applications and smart TV applications. Projects that I have been involved in include FairFX, All Things Hair, Ministry of Sound, Golfing World and BBC iPlayer.

My skills cover a wide range of web standards including HTML / XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript and HTTP. My knowledge of these tools is deep enough to cover frameworks including Ember and React, libraries such as YUI and jQuery, techniques like Ajax and serialisation formats which include JSON.

My back-end experience extends to Perl, Python and PHP and includes frameworks such as Catalyst and Django. I am a CPAN author, and have experience with templating (using Template-Toolkit, among others) and ORM (DBIx::Class).

I participate on some social networks including Twitter and LinkedIn. I maintain a personal website.