David Dorward

Professionally, I do web development with a focus on JavaScript, TypeScript and, React. I'm currently with Global Relay. I'm not currently looking to move jobs, but I'll entertain recruitment approaches which include details of the job and salary ranges.

Previous projects I've been involved in include…

My skills cover a wide range of web standards including HTML / XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript and HTTP. My knowledge of these tools is deep enough to cover frameworks including Ember and React, libraries such as YUI and jQuery, techniques like Ajax and serialisation formats which include JSON.

My back-end experience extends to JavaScript (with Node.js and in various systems including AWS), Perl, Python, and PHP. It also includes frameworks such as Catalyst and Django. I am a CPAN author, and have experience with templating (using Template-Toolkit, among others) and ORM (DBIx::Class).